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siY LLC helps companies and leaders drive transformation by aligning culture development and customer focus within a simplified strategic framework. Placing people and a passion for curiosity at the core of what we do, siY’s consulting services and innovative tools promote the achievement of strategic objectives in an environment where people can thrive.

Avoiding Blind Spots in Mergers & Acquisitions: Middle Market Checklist


Avoiding Blind Spots in Mergers & Acquisitions: Middle Market Checklist

Bringing two companies together through a merger or acquisition can be all-consuming to any leadership team, but particularly in the middle-market where there are often resource constraints. It is important to avoid what we call the “blind spots”: the obstacles that have the ability to create significant challenges on the investment.

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5 Things You Might Not Know About Digital Transformation

By Diana Tullio, Principal, CC&C Americas Ask your friends, colleagues, and business leaders to define digital transformation.  You will get different and sometimes conflicting …

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Driving Transformation: Aligning Customer, Culture and Strategy

Joe Morgan, Founder and CEO of siY LLC, examines how the right alignment of culture development, focus on customers, and a simplified strategy can …

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“The benefit of self-activation is that empowerment is not required.”

— Founder, Joe Morgan, Jr.

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