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100 Miles of Dialogue™ | A Journey of Meaningful Conversations

What is 100 Miles of Dialogue™?

The 100 Miles of Dialogue™ journey was created by CEO & Founder of siY, LLC, Joe Morgan as part of his ongoing vision to create environments where dialogue leads to impact.

At its core, this initiative is a journey of inviting those who have made a significant influence in your life for a walk. The walks consist of fostering meaningful conversations, expressing gratitude, sharing discoveries & then taking a photo to inspire others to do the same!

How Our Journey Began

The 100 Miles of Dialogue™ was inspired by a walk in Central Park with Joe Morgan and his dear friend, Deb Cupp. This walk is where he realized the power of telling people what they mean to you.

So, in January of 2023, Joe set out on a mission to walk 100 miles with key influencers in his life. His vision is to help others see the unseen, and do wicked awesome things with the discoveries.

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The 100 Mile Club™

Inspired by the 100 Miles of Dialogue™, where individuals create their own unique walking experiences while fostering connection, community, and deeper conversations. Meet new people and connect by taking a walk in nature!

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Embark on your own journey of 100 Miles of Dialogue™, walking & talking with the influencers of your life, and sharing your experience to make an impact in the world around us.

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The ‘Dialogue Catalyst Program‘ was conceived to meet the demand for meaningful engagement, aligning with businesses that prioritize a ‘people-centric’ approach, fostering healthy cultures through effective communication and relationship cultivation.

This program guides companies through fostering dialogues that encompass both personal and business-related topics and empowers teams to engage in a purposeful dialogue.

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100 Miles of Dialogue™ is a trademark owned by siY, LLC and is used by permission.