Management Consulting & Advisory Services

Strategy-Culture-Customer triangle

Strategy Development

In helping executives and leadership with strategy development, we look at customers, employees (which, ultimately becomes the culture), innovation, operational excellence, and the financial and key performance metrics that are in place to measure the results. The goal is to create a simplified strategic framework that is executable and in support of the desired culture.

Executive Development and C-level Alignment

Many companies have the right strategy in place, but the executive team either lacks the skills to implement it, or is not properly aligned to it. Most corporate training programs prepare a leader to think about their markets, budget, and talent. However, they do not teach about building a culture that is supportive and sustainable. siY works with companies to develop executive leaders who can not only create a vision that inspires others, but who can connect it with a common agenda that transcends the organization.

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Go-To-Market Alignment

When considering the proper Go-To-Market (GTM) alignment, it is crucial to understand the market in which customers operate and their needs in that market. It also helps to fully understand “why” your company services the market it does. We help companies ask the right questions to develop and align the key roles associated with your specific GTM: market development, product development, sales, and marketing and “C-level perspective.”

Transitional Leadership

Often there is a need for experienced leadership to be in place during a time of change at a company. That change can be the result of a transaction, performance issue or general succession. We assist organizations during this critical time by stabilizing the situation and than managing the process of establishing a strengthened management team.

Mentoring and Coaching

An independent mentoring relationship is often one of the most important relationships to have as an executive or leader. As mentors, we meet with executives to determine their goals, career path and desired achievements — and then offer hands-on coaching to help achieve those goals.

In addition to the above consulting services, siY network members are experienced in the following areas:

  • Sales methodology
  • Brand positioning
  • Product development
  • Content creation
  • Culture development
  • Leadership development
  • ‘C-level’ perspective
  • M&A integration
  • Program management
  • Business-driven technology strategy

Industries and Specialties for Consulting

siY specializes in helping private and family-owned companies in the middle market that are in times of transformation. We also help private equity firms that are identifying and investing in businesses with viable potential for performance improvement.

We have a wealth of industry expertise and knowledge in manufacturing, health care, technology, printing/publishing and in many service sectors.

“Over the last several years, our company navigated the COVID-19 pandemic, built a strong leadership team, and delivered double-digit growth. Our partnership with Joe helped us to define our short and long-term strategy and execution, which solidified our company’s direction. Joe provided valuable counsel in the areas of Executive Management, Operational Planning, Leadership Development, Product Development, Organizational Structure and Culture, which has put us in a strong place for future growth.”

– Bruce Steinberg, CEO of RELYCO