Leading from the Heart

(Unlocking the Keys to Your Leadership Potential)

Leaders who avoid or do not recognize the art of ‘leading from the heart’ soon become mechanical and uninspiring managers. They end up just going through the motions, using the annual planning/budgeting calendar to determine what happens next. These leaders fall into the trap of assuming that everyone ‘just gets it’. What these managers do not realize is that their team is just as bad as they are – just going through the motions collecting a paycheck. They are definitely not passionate about much of anything on the job.

To passionately connect with customers, superiors, subordinates and communities, it takes more than management mechanics. Classroom education can teach us the mechanics of how to manage and how to think. However, a professor can never teach you how to feel and why it is important to lead with passion, or how to act as a passionate leader. Each individual has to learn what he or she is or can be passionate about, and then act on it with passion.

Passion comes from one’s heart. It is based on what and how you feel. It is easier for others to understand what you want, when they can sense how you feel about the objective. If you are a robotic manager, no one can know how you feel about anything because you are not showing any emotions. A leader’s passion is what others need to see and feel for them to believe. This is also how a potential leader gains followers, making them a true leader.

After all without followers, there is no leading!

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